MONOLITHOS Catalysts Ltd, Greece

MONOLITHOS Catalysts Ltd. was founded in 2000 in Athens, Greece. 
MONOLITHOS’ main activities are:
  • Gathering, sorting and pre-processing automotive spent catalytic converters
  • Manufacturing of new direct fit aftermarket automotive catalytic converters
  • Importing and trading automotive exhaust systems
MONOLITHOS has a fifteen year experience in gathering and pre-processing of spent catalytic converters. Nowadays, MONOLITHOS possesses a cost-effective logistics optimized collection network covering the whole Greek territory, islands included. For the purposes of pre-processing the automotive spent catalytic converters, after their storing and sorting (ceramic - metallic),MONOLITHOS acquired a de-canning facility with capability of treating 40.000 converters per year. MONOLITHOS also manufactures new Direct-fit Automotive Catalysts for all vehicle makes and models for the Aftermarket. The Direct-fit catalytic converters use either ceramic honeycomb or high flow metallic substrate and are available with 2 years or 80.000 warranty and EU homologation.
The company’s office is located in Athens (130sq meters), its production facility is located near the centre of Athens (650sq meters). Furthermore, MONOLITHOS has a storage facility in the city of Thessaloniki (75sq meters). MONOLITHOS is an SME according to EU standards and employees 12 people including 3 Chemical Engineers, MSc. More than 53% of MONOLITHOS’ annual turnover is coming from exports (mainly to Germany).

Research & Development

 One of the main activities of MONOLITHOS Ltd. is the development of new technologies and products based on innovative ideas in the fields of catalysis, emission control and regeneration and recycling of emission control devices.

MONOLITHOS’ products incorporate two families of critical raw materials, namely noble metals (Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium, Gold, etc) and rare earths (Lanthanum, Cerium, etc). MONOLITHOS’ R&D activities are summarized in the following diagram:

Contact Person at MONOLITHOS

Yakoumis Iakovos, Monolithos Ltd., 83, Vrilissou Str. 11476 Polygono, Athens

Tel: 800 11 10 810 (free phone line)/+30 210 64 50 106, +30 210 64 50 266

Fax: +30 210 64 50 622 

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