What is CO2MPRISE?

CO2MPRISE is an acronym of a research project. It stands for "CO2 absorbing Materials Project _ RISE". The objective of CO2MPRISE is to find an inexpensive, effective and robust solution for significant CO2 reduction from industries and civil transport. It represents one of the main and fascinating challenges proposed to the scientific community in the next 10 years and is considered as a key pillar of HORIZON 2020. The aim of CO2MPRISE is to bring together subject matter experts from the academic and non-academic sectors to develop new technologies in CO2 capture and conversion field. The scientific and technical objectives of the project will include the study of i) Olivine-based materials to convert carbon dioxide to methane and test its potentialities under practical conditions; ii) Photocatalytic reduction of CO2 by solar radiation; iii) The not-yet explored metal-hydrides, instead of hydrogen gas, to efficiently convert CO2 to hydrocarbons in the Fisher-Tropsch reaction activated by mechano-chemical input; iv) robust, inexpensive and free-metal solid sorbent membrane based on multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWNTs) and Graphene-based sorbents, for CO2 capture from large point sources. CO2MPRISE aspires to reach these ambitious results through a common solid knowledge basis arising from a balanced number of secondments that guarantee a cross-sectorial synergy between recognized research centers, industry and academia. Along this line, training, workshops and seminars will be conducted with the aim to impart to each partner of this consortium the fundamental skills mainly based on the technical aspects, the social challenges involved in this sector, and last but not least, market capacity. Particular attention will be also given to organize the strategy work of all activities in specific processes in order to finally introduce the results achieved into the international market. The project foresees intensive exchange of staff between the involved partners, which are from both the academic and non-academic sector. Also, staff exchange with a partner organization outside the EU is planned.

Work Packages structure in CO2MPRISE project


In detail, WP1 will be devoted to the management and coordination of the project with the objective to excellently manage the project, focusing on four transversal lines during the project timeline:

i) Scientific mentoring;

ii) Secondments management including HRS4R commitment;

iii) Financial and Administrative transparency, efficiency and consistency;

iv) Reliable and accessible channels for the information flow. 

Among the ambitious goals, knowledge in CO2 lifecycle technologies will be transfer and accompanied by an extensive research activity which will be directly focused on the investigation of 4 specific processes at lab-scale (WP2).

The experimental results will be simultaneously combined with multiscale models. The continuous comparison between the modelling and the experimental results will allow to gradually increase the parameters number and to implement more and more complex and accurate models, able to describe the processes in their complex details. (WP2-WP3).

On the basis of these results, another goal of this project will be to select the best performing materials for CO2 capture which can be used efficiently at wide scale (WP3) and develop an prototype for industrial application integrated by policy, safety and standardization which could be adopted in different countries (WP4).

Finally all the results will be capillary disseminated by transversal strategy (WP5).