Gabriele Mulas
 Project Coordinator, Associate Professor at University of Sassari, Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy, Italy

 His research activity focuses on solid-state and materials chemistry matters, and in particular on:
 I) synthesis, structural and thermodynamic characterization of metastable materials (nanostructured, quasicrystalline, and amorphous phases);
 II) investigation of materials and methodologies for hydrogen storage;
 III) mechanochemical processes: heterogeneous phase chemical reactions and self sustaining reactions induced by external mechanical energy;
 IV) synthesis and characterization of bi- and multi-component solid catalysts;
V) development of experimental procedures and protocols for the direct control of dynamic milling parameters during mechanochemical .processes.

The research activity is carried out also in collaboration with several international research centres and it is documented by 70 papers published in peer reviewed international journals, as well as by oral and invited contributions given in several international conferences. He is a member of the International Scientific
Committee of the "International Symposia on Electrochemical/Chemical Reactivity of Novel Materials".

Santiago Aparicio Martinez, Universidad de Burgos - ICCRAM-UBU, Spain 

Santiago Aparicio is Professor of Physical Chemistry at the University of Burgos (Spain). He was awarded a Fulbright research grant as a visiting research scholar in Texas A&M University (USA). His expertise and research interests are in the field of materials design and characterization for  environmental and energy related technological applications with emphasis in computational chemistry.

He has published more than 150 peer reviewed papers and participated in a large number of regional, national and international research projects, including EU-H2020 programs. His research is developed in collaboration with groups in USA, Qatar, UK and Brazil.

Prof. Aparicio is editor or member of the editorial board of five international journals and he has acted as international reviewer for research agencies in USA, Germany, Brazil, Chile, Denmark and Austria.







Claudio Pistidda, Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht (HZG), Germany





Fabiana Gennari, Comision National Energia Atomica, Instituto Balseiro, Argentina


Francisco Javier Esteban Gracia Caroca, Universidad de Chile, Chile


Yakoumis Iakovos, Monolithos Ltd., Greece